Currently we have a small selection of discounted balloons available for sale on this site, the majority of our products are available on the popular marketplace eBay. Each theme will have its eBay link listed on its page. Follow that link to find the items that you need. If you are not registered with eBay, it is easy. We eventually hope to have our website set up to accept shopping, but with the international range that eBay provides us, we've chosen to keep our eBay store open. http://stores.ebay.com/Barbs-Party-and-Balloon-Shop?refid=store
We are working on getting more things set up to sell through our website to eliminate the need for our customers to register with eBay (Hey, I understand about having to remember every thing registered with). Since we have a large eBay customer base, it's the main venue at the current point in time.
The way eBay is set up it makes it easier for customers to shop for anything sold anywhere in the world. A one stop shop for practically anything. Even the most bizarre thing you can think of is probably being sold there. There's also buyer protection on large purchases and if you register with PayPal, the payment gateway for eBay, you are protected from having to disclose any personal or financial information. PayPal sees your billing information, merchants do not.
Just like signing up for eBay, when you sign up for a Google Shopping account you can browse products sold online and then pay through your Google Account, only Google will have access to your payment information, merchants do not.
No do the high cost of shipping but if you would really want to order and will pay the high cost to ship to you just send us an email and we will let you know how much it will cost to ship to you.
We can arrange a local pick up, however it will have to probably take place on the weekend and at a public place.